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 Body Sculpting By PHYSIQ 

Target stubborn spots that diet & exercise can’t fix with PHYSIQ, a total body non-invasive solution.

People aren't one size fits all.
Why should body treatments be any different?

Photo of woman's physique and explaining what PHYSIQ Body Sculpting is
A visual and words explaining what body ares you can treat with PHYSIQ non surgical body sculpting
Image of the 4 applicators for PHYSIQ non invasive body sculpting

One thing that makes PHYSIQ so special is the 4 small applicators that can fit in some of the most stubborn fat areas. This allows you to target both fat burning and muscle toning exactly where you want it and where the gym and diet may not be working. 

Sounds too good to be true right? 

Photo of PHYSIQ paddle and words explaining how physiq body sculpting works

We aren't lying! We've even tried it ourselves.

Here's how it works..... Physiq Body Treatments work to target areas of the body (even small parts) that you may have trouble burning fat or gaining muscle definition.


This dual-modality system targets deep tissue to reduce adipose tissue (fat) using thermal heat (SDM) while re-educating the muscles through electrical pulse stimulation. (EMS)

Photo of woman laying on a treatment table with the PHYSIQ Body Sculpting applicators on her abdomen and words describing if PHYSIQ hurts

Physiq body treatments should never hurt. At Drip Drop we always start our clients at a low setting so they can feel it before moving up the intensity. The fat burning feels like a mild heat pad and muscle toning can feel a little prickly at the start but never painful! 

Photo with text explaining how PHYSIQ is different than other non invasive treatments

Before opening Drip Drop IV Hydration & Wellness, Kristin researched, tested and considered many different body sculpting machines. She ultimately chose PHYSIQ because of the capabilities it has and results it shows. There truly isn't anything like it! 

PHYSIQ: Our Services

PHYSIQ Pricing & Packages

Let’s Go PHYSIQ: complete treatment package (5 sessions)

$2,500: (get 20% off)



Triple Body PHYSIQ: Want to treat more areas? Complete treatment package for 3 areas/15 sessions, must pay in full!

  • 1st area/complete treatment package/5 sessions: $2,400 (savings $100)

  • $2,300 (savings $200)2nd area/complete treatment package/5 sessions:

  • $2,100 (savings $400)3rd area/complete treatment package/5 sessions:

Total savings of ($700)

Maintenance Pricing and packages
Maintenance sessions are recommended 1 time quarterly after receiving a complete PHYSIQ treatment of 5 sessions.

  •  1 maintenance session $350

  •  2 maintenance sessions $600

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